Affordable and Compact Dinky Dub Camper Offers a Modular Twist to the Vintage VW Look

Camping is one of the many activities to do in the summer that people enjoy. This affordable and compact Dinky Dub Camper offers a modular twist to the vintage VW look that everyone knows and loves. ... read more

A Magnificent Home from Tiny House Baluchon Starting at $45,000

It's all about the details of this beautifully crafted tiny house on wheels. One look at the photo gallery for this tiny house space and you will find plenty of tiny house inspiration you won't soon f ... read more

The Northwest Haven Is a Luxurious Tiny House Was Listed at $97,000

Just when you think you've seen the nicest tiny house on wheels out there, along comes another one to set the bar even higher. Tiny house designs just keep better and better, and you will want to take ... read more

Famous Exterior of Barn Homes Built By Professionals

Be prepared to be amazed at these stunning barn exteriors and barn turned into houses. Not everyone thinks of barns turned into house when they think of their dream home design. But after taking a loo ... read more

This Tiny House Is Full of Charm and Style

Small house living is revolutionizing the way people think about homes and living spaces. This tiny house is full of charm and style, and is one of the cutest tiny house designs you've probably seen. ... read more

People Love This Amazing Tiny House in Snow

The snow falling over this small house on wheels with trees all around looks inviting and cozy. There is something irresistible about falling snow, and this tiny cabin looks like a nice place to be on ... read more

Dream Big on This Little Tiny Tack House with the Coolest Interior Design

Dream big in this little Tiny Tack House with the coolest interior design. Designing a small house is one of the most exciting parts of the tiny house building process. It's the phase where you get ... read more

Don't Miss These Inspiring and Incredible Treehouses by Peter Nelson

Of all the fun wood projects to build, building a tree house has to be one of the most fun projects there is. Don't miss these inspiring and incredible tree houses by Peter Nelson. As a child, you m ... read more

A Tiny House of Your Dreams on a Budget and Exceed Your Desires

Building a tiny house may seem really inexpensive because of it's size, but the costs still add up. Build a tiny house of your dreams on a budget and exceed your desires. Tiny houses are the new big ... read more

Check Out These Simple Steps on How to Build an Amazing Tiny House

Interested in building a tiny house? Check out these simple steps on how to build a tiny house. La Maison Qui Chemine is a tiny house building company based out of France. They're really good at pr ... read more

Escape 30 Foot House with Main Floor Bedroom, Full Bathroom and Washer Dryer. Cool!

You are sure to fall in love with this Escape 30-foot tiny house on wheels. Imagine living in the house of your dreams on a piece of property surrounded by nature. This small house on wheels is an aff ... read more

Wow! 224 Sq. Ft. Tiny Surf House Atop 900 Sq. Ft. Garage

Wow, this 224 square foot tiny surf house is so cute, and even has a 900 square foot garage beneath it. This tiny house design, although not on wheels is a great example of what you can build on a lo ... read more

People Love this Tiny House Coffee

When you think of tiny houses on wheels, you don't typically think of coffee, but for this coffee shop in Poncha Springs, Colorado that is exactly what is on the menu. The unique tiny house on wheels ... read more

One of the Best Tiny Houses on the Local Tiny House Tour

If you're really into tiny houses, or just dipping your toes into the tiny house movement, attending a tiny house festival is a great way to learn more. Here we see one of the best tiny houses on the ... read more

This Incredible Tiny House Has Panoramic Window to Enjoy the View and Interact with External Guests

Building a tiny house from scratch is an exciting project to take on and having some great inspiration like this keeps you going. This incredible tiny house has a panoramic window to enjoy the view a ... read more

A 236 Sq Ft Tea House with a Beutiful, Minimal Design

Here is a little house design that epitomizes everything that tiny house living is about. This beautifully designed backyard guest house is called the Teahouse, and it has a lovely story behind it. Th ... read more

Beautiful 3D Tiny House

If you're into tiny house design, or just home design in general, this beautiful 3D tiny house model may interest you. Tiny houses are all the rage in Canada and the United States right now, but Euro ... read more

Are You Ready for Your Very Own Tiny House on Wheels? Check This Out!

Are you ready for your very own tiny house on wheels? Check the tiny house designs over at Tiny House Crafters. With all of the hype surrounding tiny houses, there are more and more micro home build ... read more

Interested in Tiny Houses! Want to Join You for Self-Build Your Own? Join the Project in Switzerland!

Interested in tiny houses? Want to join a self build project in Switzerland? Here's your chance to get in on a tiny house building project and see it through to the end. If you have the time and re ... read more

Bright and Beautiful Tiny Home With A Southwestern Flair, Must See Inside!

All around the world tiny home design is captivating people's attention and homes like this bright and beautiful tiny home with a southwestern flair are must sees. Living tiny doesn't mean sacrificin ... read more

This Amazing Tiny House Is Legal in Europe

This amazing tiny house is legal in Europe, and is one of the first tiny houses on wheels to be built in the Netherlands. Daniel Venneman is the mastermind behind this architecturally pleasing tiny h ... read more

210 Square Foot Modern Tiny House with No Loft!

Building a small house on a foundation is a great idea if you have a piece of land to build on. Here you see a 210 square foot modern tiny house with no loft, built in Washington, D.C. The owner of ... read more

A Tiny House that Looks Like a Little Piece of Heaven

You won't believe your eyes when you take a look at this stunning property near Lake Tahoe in Nevada. The Buffalo Creek Ranch is the vacation home of your dreams, with its wild west theme throughout a ... read more

This Birdhouse Cabin in the Woods Is Their Dream Home

Imagine having this adorable Birdhouse cabin in the woods all to yourself, enjoying the peace and tranquility that nature offers. This is one of those wood cabins that's a true dream home for people ... read more

Absolutely Amazing Tiny House Built with Love

The movement that's sweeping the nation has people building tiny houses of all styles and sizes. Here is an absolutely amazing tiny house built with love. Living in Australia can be fairly expensive ... read more

Wow! Check out This Riverfront Small Cabin on 40 Acres of Breathtaking Oregon Land. It's to Die For.

Imagine living large in this beautiful tiny cabin design surrounded by stunning scenery. This small cottage home has everything you need wth its charming home that sits on 40.3 riverfront acres. With ... read more

The Tiny House Company's Prototype Tiny House Is Now a Home

Watching tiny house designs come to life is an exciting process. The Tiny House Company's prototype tiny house is now a home to creators Andrew and Lara. Both being architects, they have a passion f ... read more

Perfectly Rustic Tiny Mountain Log Cabin in British Columbia

The tiny house movement is truly gaining momentum, with hundreds of people interested in building a tiny house of their own. This perfectly rustic tiny mountain cabin in British Columbia is a source ... read more

Definitely Teeny Tiny at Only 50 Sqft of Interior Living Space but It Has Everything One Would Need to Live

When it comes to tiny house designs these ones are definitely teen tiny at only 50 square feet, but they also have everything you would need to live comfortably. On Tiny House Custom's YouTube channe ... read more

Kansas City Based Company Proves That Containers Are Amazing Tiny House Materials

This modern 40-foot container home will surprise you with its spacious and appealing design. The covered porch is the first thing you see when you view this small cottage home. The porch provides the ... read more
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